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ConsultaPanel is the first truly South African online Market Research Panel which allows the consumer a safe and reliable platform to complete online surveys, at their own time & convenience. ConsultaPanel Members are dedicated market research survey participants and do so out of their own free will. Online panel members enjoy the opportunity of sharing their opinions (e.g. the ratings of service delivery), and providing views and preferences of products, and in this way influence how services and products are developed and improved.

Get Awarded

Complete and submit our online surveys successfully and you stand a chance to be nominated to take up an award. Awards take on different options, in most cases a lucky draw award approach is followed whereby a number of online panel members are randomly selected to take up a voucher to spend on themselves or buy a gift from an established online store.

Complete surveys at your convenience

Surveys are listed online within your membership platform. You are only required to click to access the type of survey that you are interested in. That means you can complete surveys within your own time and at your own leisure.

YOUR CONFIDENTIALITY IS ENSURED! No disclosure of personal information or contact details is made available to any third-party.


Level 1
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How it works

  1. Click here to Register
  2. Join ConsultaPanel
  3. Complete your profile set
  4. Complete and submit surveys
  5. Make a difference!


The ConsultaPanel was established with your valued opinion in mind. Through this panel you have the opportunity to voice your opinion and make a difference. Your voice will help shape the actual products and services you use every day, by completing our surveys.


A chance to voice your opinion: Your opinion, preferences and perceptions will shape the development and quality of products and services available in the market. Your input becomes the foundation from which organisations and manufacturers build a better tomorrow… and all it takes is a few clicks!

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