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Online communities have been taken to the next level thanks to ConsultaPanel. Traditionally, people joined online communities (such as discussion forums and special interest websites) to connect with people that have the same interests as them. This online movement has led to many companies becoming increasingly aware of the feedback that people (who are often their potential customers) give about their products and service. 

While companies know that people are complaining, praising and discussing everything from customer service and products to their personal interests and needs online, there was never really a way to channel this information so that it could be useful for companies. Online market research, however, has changed all this…. 

How we use our online community to conduct market research 

If brands are interested in testing new product concepts, getting feedback about their current offerings or simply wondering what it’s like to deal with them over the phone or face-to-face, they need a professional market research company to help them with this. That’s where ConsultaPanel comes in. 

At ConsultaPanel, we strategies with clients to come up with interesting surveys and discussion forums so that they can get the information they need from their target market. We then ask all relevant and interested parties in our online community to give their input, voice their opinion and complete the various surveys that we send out each month. 

What happens when you join our online community? 

When you sign up at ConsultaPanel, you will have your own online profile where you can engage with other panellists online (if you want to). One of your first tasks will be to complete a profile survey, which tells us what you’re interested in, where you’re from (and all the other details we need to send you relevant online surveys). 

It’s really as easy as that. Join one of the online communities in South Africa that’s dedicated to improving the products and services that you receive on a day to day basis. Sign up at ConsultaPanel today!
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