ConsultaPanel offers a leading mobile survey platf

ConsultaPanel offers a leading mobile survey platform for market research

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An increasing number of both local and international companies are looking for a mobile survey platform in order to conduct market research among their target audience. Why? Because it’s the only way to reach them.

New research has shown that 71% of internet users use their mobile phones to access the internet. These people use social networks – rather than using the internet – for information. This is pretty significant information for anyone who’s trying to reach (and extract information from) their potential consumers in South Africa. Here are a few more stats about the people you need to connect with (in other words, the average internet user in South Africa):

Most internet users:

·         Have high school education

·         Live in an urban area

·         Speak and  African language at home

·         Are under 25

·         Are at school, university or work

·         Live on less than R1500 a month

As a business owner, R&D expert, marketing manager or new business development executive – you probably know your target audience pretty well. Now all you need is a mobile survey platform in order to reach them. Here are a few reasons why you should partner with ConsultaPanel for this:

·         We’re social: Our mobile research platform has been set up to speak to the needs of South African internet users. ConsultaPanel members sign up (for free) and are able to create their profile pages, complete surveys that have been allocated to them and engage with other members. A big part of what we do is market research, but we focus on doing it in a fun, engaging way.

·         We’re representative: ConsultaPanel members – who can be recruited to take part in your research survey – represent the South African population. There are people from each province, background, race and income group who can be contacted to participate in your market research.

Need more information about our mobile survey platform? Then contact us today.

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