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Online market research is becoming the standard in finding out what consumers want and need. Industry experts at ConsultaPanel have developed a unique method of conducting online panel research in South Africa and have some handy hints to help make your online market research answer all of your questions.

How can online panel research become more consumer-centric?

·         Consumer preferences – These have driven the change from telephone and paper surveys to online research platforms. This new method of collecting data from consumers has enhanced the quality and the quantity of the data collected, making the process of engaging with consumers via various touch points a much simpler prospect because of the knowledge obtained from consumer focused panel research. Participants are more likely to respond to an online survey because it can be completed at their own leisure and at their own convenience.

·         Consumers on the move - ConsultaPanel has observed that because consumers are constantly on the move and can access the internet through a variety of mobile devices such as laptops and cell phones, most will not take the time to complete a lengthy and laborious online survey. The key to generating exceptional market research is to keep surveys short, simple and focused on a single operational objective. This will ensure that the data collected is relevant to the company and will improve response rates and curb survey abandonment. An effective survey will take between 5 and 10 minutes to complete and will involve mostly yes / no and multiple choice questions.

The benefits of consumer focused market research are borne out through the quality of the data generated. Specific objectives guide survey design and using a professional market research company ensures that the most appropriate demographic is selected to participate. Consumer-centric online panel research in South Africa is the future of market research and central to any business interested in what their consumers want and need.

Contact ConsultaPanel for online panel research in South Africa.

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