How an employee panel keeps valuable data private

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For a business owner, using an employee panel is an excellent way to gather important data and insights from your employees. They provide you with a secure, confidential way to collect data that you can use to make improvements or positive changes in your business that will ultimately lead to a happier, more productive workforce and a better-performing business. 

An employee panel is conveniently hosted online, allowing your participants to log on and participate at their own convenience. Rather than asking everyone to show up at a certain time and place in order to gather feedback, hosting a panel online is a great way to accommodate peoples’ busy schedules and give them the option of contributing from the comfort of home. 

Because you are the administrator of the panel, you and only you will receive a complete report of all data gathered, including online discussion forums and surveys. Internal company matters discussed in employee panels can contain sensitive information, and the online panel method ensures that the information gets delivered straight to you and no one else can see it. 

A wide variety of data can be gathered using employee panels. Perhaps you want to find out if there are any company practices your workforce thinks need improving, or you want to know if everyone is content with their roles and responsibilities. You also want to provide everyone with a platform that allows them to voice their comments, concerns, suggestions, or anything else they want to say. It’s important that your workforce feels as if their voices are heard, and an employee panel serves as a great communication tool. 

At ConsultaPanel we specialise in creating cost-effective ways for you to gather data that improves your business. A lot of that data begins with internal surveys and making changes and improvements in your internal structure. Start by getting valuable data from your workforce and you’ll be on your way to a better-performing company. 

To learn more about employee panels, contact ConsultaPanel today!
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