How to create great online surveys in South Africa

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There is an art to creating great online surveys in South Africa and there are some best practices that should be followed when compiling a survey to ensure that you get the best response rate and quality of data possible.

Below are some handy tips on how to create exceptional online surveys, with guaranteed high response rates and appropriate data:

·    Keep it short and simple – The surveys that generate the best responses are those that can be completed in less than 10 minutes. Any surveys that take longer than 15 minutes to complete have a high abandonment rate. So keep it simple, short and focused and you will have a higher response rate.

·    Keep it logical – Start with the broader type questions fist and then narrow the scope of the questions. Ask for demographic data at the end of the survey.

·    Use close-ended questions – These are yes or no questions, multiple choice or rating questions. Close ended survey questions are easier for the respondent to answer and they are easier to analyse as the data generated follows a consistent pattern.

·    Keep rating scales consistent – There is nothing more confusing than answering a survey and the rating scales keep changing. This means that you have to keep reading how the scale works and some of the questions will not generate accurate data. Try to be as consistent as possible when creating online surveys.

·    Disable the back button – This prevents that recording of partial responses.

·    Save the results often – Ensure that you collect the data on a regular basis and back up the results so that if anything happens, you have the information safely stored.

Consider approaching a professional firm that specializes in the design of online surveys in South Africa. This will ensure that your survey is correctly designed for the relevant target market and that the data generated is appropriate. This will enable better decision making going forward.

Contact ConsultaPanel for online surveys in South Africa.

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