How to improve your online surveys in South Africa

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Tips to improve your online surveys in South Africa

A great survey is one that is easy to read and understand, quick to complete and which ends up providing clear information that can be used to make future business decisions. Getting the mix right for online surveys in South Africa can be tricky but we have some great tips that will make compiling a survey a cinch, improving response rates as well as the quality of data collected.

Follow the simple steps below when compiling online surveys:

·    1. Define the purpose – Ill-defined survey goals lead to poor quality information that cannot be used to make good business decisions. Online surveys should have clear and focused objectives, so it is worth spending time and effort to identify what the goal of the survey is and what you hope to accomplish. How will the data be used and what decisions will be made that will depend on the data collected? Advance planning means that the survey asks the right questions and generates useable data.

·    2. Be as concise as possible – This improves both the quality and the quantity of the responses. Online surveys that focus on one objective rather than a number of goals provide better data. Short surveys prompt higher response rates and lower abandonment because interest in maintained. Make sure that all questions are connected to the main objective and should be included in the survey. A survey should ideally take less than 10 minutes to complete.  The questions should also be simple and should not include any ambiguous elements or acronyms.

·    3. Use close –ended questions – Use questions that require a yes / no answer or a rating on a scale in your online survey. These types of questions are better for straight forward data analysis and data collation. Rating scales should be consistent throughout the survey – if you are using a scale of 1 to 10, use this throughout the survey so that the respondents don’t become confused as to what is rated higher or lower. This also makes data collation easier. Try to use an odd number scale in the survey as this makes data analysis easier.

·    4. Make your survey easy to complete – Make sure that the survey flows logically by starting off with the broad based questions and then moving onto those that require a narrower focus. Collect demographic data at the end of the survey.

·    5. Test the survey – Before putting the survey online, pre-test it with a few guinea pigs to make sure that all of the technical glitches are ironed out and that there are no unexpected questions.

·    6. Consider an incentive – Sometimes an incentive can improve response rates but this should be appropriate to the survey length and scope to avoid skewed data responses.

Consider approaching a professional firm that specialises in designing online surveys in South Africa. This will ensure that you get the best possible data from your target market.

Contact ConsultaPanel for online surveys in South Africa.
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