International partnership puts South Africa on the


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International partnership puts South Africa on the map
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International partnership puts South Africa on the map

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Consulta Research, the leading customer experience measurement provider in South Africa, announced a partnership with Clarabridge, the global leader in text and sentiment analytics driving Customer Experience Management (CEM). Together, Consulta Research and Clarabridge offer an integrated solution to provide businesses with customer insight from structured and unstructured data in call centers, social media activity, research surveys and customer feedback systems. 

Online surveys, customer reviews, traditional verbatim feedback and social media feedback, categorised as unstructured data, traditionally come from disparate sources and are difficult to comprehensively aggregate and analyse. Consulta’s sentiment and text analysis solution (CENTIM), powered by Clarabridge, arms business with an intuitive, enterprise-grade solution that automatically monitors and analyses unstructured content. Delivered in real time, critical voice of the customer data bolsters service recovery, and training and operational improvements. Go to to discover how Consulta Research can assist you in understanding your client. 

Text and sentiment analytics at the SAMRA 2013 conference

The annual SAMRA conference taking place on the 16th and 17th of May in Johannesburg is the premiere event in South Africa for the market research industry. Consulta Research is proud to announce that two of our senior executives, Kobus Badenhorst and Willie Fitzgerald, will be presenting on text and sentiment analytics, one of the latest trends in the research industry.

“This session will focus on the use of text and sentiment analysis in market research, social sciences and business intelligences, and the value it can add to market research insight,” explains Kobus Badenhorst, COO at Consulta Research.

Willie Fitzgerald, head of ICT at Consulta Research, adds that the session will be of interest to market researcher suppliers and users, social scientists and business managers. The session will both inform the audience about the latest developments in text and sentiment analysis and provide them with an opportunity to ask questions to our experts. To find out more about how text and sentiment analytics can assist you in analysing your unstructured data visit the CENTIM website.

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