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Customer experience is much more than customer service. It includes a customer’s entire interaction with your brand, from initial exposure to social media presence to the way you handle their complaints and in 2012 we saw a dramatic rise in the amount of attention paid to the entire customer experience. Let’s take a look at four customer experience trends to watch this year.

2013 customer experience trends:

1. Mobile will continue to be increasingly important. Every day, more and more people get smartphones, tablets, mobile apps and other mobile-based programmes. As mobile usage increases, companies are going to find it’s necessary to incorporate ways for customers to utilise or purchase their products or services from a mobile device to ensure a convenient customer experience

2. A sharper focus on customer privacy. People share more information with one another and with companies online now than ever before, but when a customer shares their personal information with a company, they expect the company to treat that information as private. If not, their trust – and business – is likely to disappear due to a negative customer experience

3. Newer, more creative ways to obtain customer feedback. The multiple choice survey is declining, as companies are having a difficult time with completion rates. Instead of blasting out a generic survey with multiple choice questions to every customer, expect companies to create more targeted, situation-specific questions that will be delivered only to customers in those respective situations. The goal is to make the feedback form relevant, short and easy to complete.

4. More individualised customer service. As companies use analytics, research and other data to learn more and more about each individual customer, they will be able to route callers and web queries to specialists who can handle their specific comment, question or complaint on the first call by anticipating the reason they are calling. This is a quicker and more efficient alternative than transferring them around to multiple customer service representatives. 

Companies must continue in their attempts to provide a positive customer experience from beginning to end if they wish to retain current customers and attract new ones. With more ways than ever before to voice dissatisfaction and make it viral, providing a positive customer experience should be top priority for every business.  

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