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Employee research panels are designed to help businesses gauge employee attitudes regarding all aspects of the company, from HR practices to communication issues to organisational issues. They’re designed to highlight employee dissatisfaction with certain facets of a business and allow business owners the opportunity to take corrective action. As a business owner, you want all of your employees to be happy and feel satisfied in the workplace. 
Which industries are using employee research panels

Employee research panels aren’t designed for any specific industries because all industries can benefit from using them. Industries that have a lot of face time with customers such as banks, customer service centres and retail outlets can especially benefit from employee research panels, as its imperative that employees are at their best when interacting with customers and aware of new product developments within the company.
How do employee research panels work? 

ConsultaPanel designs customised employee research panels based on the information you want to find out and based on the specifics of your business. You then ask your employees to participate in the panel – usually hosted online – and analyse the results. 

What kind of research can be conducted with employee research panels? 

The panels we create at ConsultaPanel are customised to collect the data you want. You can gather information on employee satisfaction with current management practises and policies, collect information about employee expectations, discover areas of your business that your employees think need improvement and more. What ever aspects of your business you want to research, ConsultaPanel will design employee research panels specifically suited to collect the data you want. 

Employee satisfaction is crucial for a well-operating business. If your employees aren’t happy then it will come across in your service and be apparent to your customers. It should be your goal as a business owner to constantly look for ways to improve employee satisfaction and gauge employee happiness. 

To learn more about employee research panels from ConsultaPanel, contact us today!
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