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Research has shown that employee inspiration comes from many places, one of which is a company mission that employees feel connected to. Creating, defining and maintaining an inspiring company mission is a way to better connect with employees and increase their motivation and job satisfaction. 

Why is employee inspiration important? Employees who feel inspired by their company’s mission are more likely to do something good for the company even if it isn’t expected of them, make recommendations about ways to improve the company, stay late and work overtime if there’s a task that needs to be completed, recommend friends or family members to apply for vacancies within the company, and provide assistance to colleagues even if they aren’t asked. People are willing to put more effort into a job that inspires them, as they feel fulfilled when they contribute towards the company’s mission. 

If you’re a business owner or CEO, you may be able to define your inspiring mission, but can everyone else in the company? 

Defining your company’s inspiring mission
Put it on paper. Your mission should be visible on all of your company materials, including articles, press releases, social media pages, and website. When people see your company name you want them to immediately be able to recognise your mission. 
Be certain it’s aligned with what your company does. The last thing you want is to have a mission that is disconnected with your business. If it doesn’t represent what you do, it will be viewed as a bunch of meaningless words. 
Make sure it’s easy to remember and repeat. Keep it simple. You want your employees to be able to repeat the mission to anyone they come across, so don’t make it overly lengthy or complicated. A short and focused mission is best. 
Create a mission that resonates with your workforce. Ideally, you want everyone who works for you to feel personally connected to your mission, and you want them to be eager to contribute to it. Employee inspiration is critical because it results in a happier workforce and more productivity. 
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