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You might be wondering what kind of companies benefit from online experience surveys and the answer is: all of them. An online experience survey is a cost-effective way for businesses to find out what people think about products, services and other aspects of the business in a convenient and concise way. If your company is spending time and money developing a product or a service that people don’t feel is useful, your efforts will be wasted. Online experience surveys can give you valuable insights into the mind of your target market and help you develop your business in a way that is beneficial to them.

Online experience surveys are beneficial because they allow your company to:

  • Communicate effectively with the target market. You can tell them about new products or services, ask them detailed questions and ask for their feedback and receive feedback. It’s an excellent two-way communication tool.

  • Discover opportunities you may have overlooked. People who take part in online experience surveys can sometimes give you insight or advice that can take you in a direction you didn’t previously think of. Think of it as a big brainstorming session involving your target market – the consumers know what they want and what they need better than anyone.

  • Identify problems. When you’re working on the business side of things you sometimes need a fresh perspective, which survey participants can provide. People who participate in online experience surveys can bring to light any problems or negative experiences they have had.

  • Evaluate success. Want to know how your target market feels about an existing product or service? An online experience survey is an excellent way to get feedback, identify opportunities for improvement and identify opportunities for growth. <o:o:p></o:o:p>


ConsultaPanel is a leading market research firm in South Africa and we’re dedicated to helping businesses gain valuable insight to constantly improve. To learn more about online experience surveys, contact us today! <o:o:p></o:o:p>

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