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If you are looking for valuable information and insight into the African market, making use of an online market research company can afford you great help. The African market differs from any other market in the world. The lack of formal education in many regions and the many different languages aside, the African consumer’s spending habits differs a lot from that of the more Westernised consumer.

Having a sufficient understanding of the many people’s perspective in Africa is an important aspect to consider when working on an effective marketing strategy. The companies that operate in Africa needs to cultivate a deep understanding of the consumer habits of Africans in order to successfully expand their services or product offering to local African markets. There are many different aspects and factors that make the African markets so unique. It is for this reason that companies have to perform intensive market research in Africa before they decide to launch their marketing campaigns.

There are plenty of large global companies who have launched marketing campaigns in Africa where the language and references used in the campaigns were considered ridiculous and rather distasteful. Using a professional online marketing research company can assist you in avoiding these expensive and embarrassing mistakes by identifying the message which needs to be communicated, as well as the best way to go about delivering the message.

Researching the African market

There are 53 companies that make up the African continent. Each of these countries has its own cultural customers, traditions and languages. Despite the many great advancements in the communication industry most marketing messages in Africa is carried through by word of mouth and the radio. The mobile phone and digital TV falls closely behind.

It is thus extremely important to invest in relevant and scientific marketing campaigns in order to invest in an African marketing strategy that will yield the desired results. This is where the services of an online market research company come into play. They will formulate a strategic and effective marketing plan that will help you to get a great return on your investment.

Performing market research in Africa

ConsultaPanel is an online market research company which offers a quick and cost effective insight into local African markets. They can gather relevant, valid and credible data and insight into the African consumer preferences and behaviour and provide the basis for an extremely effective African marketing campaign.

Market research intelligence is the foundation of any successful service or product. Contact South Africa’s premier online market research company for a comprehensive list of their products and services.

ConsultaPanel is in the position to offer you the ideal solution if you are considering opening a new store or launching a new product in an African country. Our solutions are designed to provide the broader industry a cost effective and quick means of gathering all the relevant and credible data and information into the African consumer’s preferences and behaviour. This will provide the basis for effective marketing in Africa.


For an effective and comprehensive marketing overview and strategic approach, contact South Africa’s premier market research company in Gauteng.

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