Reasons to invest in an HR panel in South Africa

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There are a lot of HR practitioners who are hard pressed to pinpoint exactly what the needs of their employees are. Investing in an HR panel can help employers to identify the wants, fears and desires and to help them cater to these needs. This seems to be more effective than running an employee forum operated by management, as employees won’t feel they have the freedom to express their true opinions due to a fear of censure or retaliation.

It is not always easy to gauge the concerns and feelings of employees in the workplace. While seemingly small concerns like cafeteria catering and dress code might seem insignificant when viewed side by side with more pressing issues, these are the types of concerns that impact the morale of the office. How much would it be worth to your company to know how to retain the best staff in the industry?

Keeping quality staff by listening to them

You need to listen to the voices of your staff. This is especially true and important in the challenging economic climate we find ourselves in today. The success of any company depends on its human resources and retaining quality staff needs to be a priority. One way which you can go about keeping staff morale high is by listening to and handling the issues of employees with sensitivity. Many large corporations in South Africa have adopted the culture of listening to their staff as part of their journeys to become world leading organisations in their industries. 

Aside from making employees feel more valuable in the organisation, companies that have invested in HR panels were able to effect the necessary and important changes to produce the desired positive feedback from employees.

South African employee panels

Whereas in the past HR departments were required to be proactive to staff issues, this is not necessarily the case anymore. Today, there are many software applications that can help HR departments keep their ear to the ground. One such a great tool is ConsultaPanel. This tool is based completely online and offers HR departments a unique employee forum solution where employees can relay their wishes and concerns.

ConsultaPanel’s HR panel is able to scientifically conduct research among staff members by using surveys, poll and discussion functionalities and feedback engagement. This will provide management with a user friendly and interactive platform to find out and explore what your employees truly want.

Invest in the latest HR panel software from ConsultaPanel and dramatically cut your staff turnaround and retain the best staff in the industry.

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