Why you should invest in an employee panel

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Many HR practitioners would be hard pressed to lay out exactly what their employees’ needs, wants and fears are, generally because it is a struggle for them to get in synch with the staff. A management operated employee forum is unlikely to generate results because staff are afraid of retaliation and censure.
It is often difficult to gauge these feelings and concerns in the work space or office environment and while some of the issues (such as dress and access to cafeteria food) may seem to be negligible in comparison to the bigger picture, these are issues that impact on staff functioning and overall happiness. What would it be worth knowing how to retain topline staff?

What’s your “Voice of staff”?

Listening to the ‘voice of the staff’ is essential in today’s challenging economic climate. Keeping quality staff is key to the success of many companies and sensitive handling of employee issues is one way to keep staff moral high. A number of large companies in South Africa have embraced the concept of listening to the voice of the staff in their quests to becoming world class organisations and have consequently introduced incentive and award recognition programmes to enhance their workforce’s feelings of being valued and essential to the success of the business. Besides enhancing the feeling of value amongst staff, many companies investing in employee panels have also been able to make significant changes to their daily operations thanks to being able to get the right feedback from staff.

Proprietary employee panels in South Africa

In the past, HR practitioners would be largely reactive to staff issues as they arose but there are a number of software and other technological solutions that effectively provide HR departments with ‘an ear on the ground’ and the ability to be proactive when dealing with HR issues. One such tool is ConsultaPanel, which is based online and which offers a unique and bespoke employee forum solution for staff members to address their concerns and wishes.
The ConsultaPanel employee panel can effectively (and scientifically) conduct research amongst your staff in the form of surveys, feedback engagement, discussion and poll functionalities which will provide you with an easy to use, interactive platform for finding out and exploring what your employees really want. It also provides a unique opportunity to solicit ideas and solutions for challenges from the staff compliment. Learning more about your employees increases your company’s ability to leverage your work force.
ConsultaPanel’s online panel offers various research combinations from online survey design pegged at different levels of involvement and sampling to access to a comprehensive database and data analysis and reporting. ConsultaPanel also offers real time data from the employees’ forum on their views of service and company priorities, as well as other organisational issues.

Scientific market research in South Africa

ConsultaPanel is designed to allow the broader business environment a quick, cost effective and simple means of gathering relevant, credible and valid insight and data into consumer preferences and behavior, as well as staff through the employee panel. The company is part of Consulta, which is regarded as one of the top three market research companies in South Africa. Consulta works in consultation with the Business Enterprise Campus Company of the University of Pretoria and offer result and output orientated consulting based on sound scientific foundations by specialists in the field.
ConsultaPanel believes in creating a partnership with companies seeking to understand their employees and will work with your organisation to set and drive the employee forum, ensuring that you hear the voice of the staff, gather the best quality data and enhance the overall operational success of your company.
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