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by ConsultaPanel Team, 20 Sep 2013

Feedback about our recent community research

What’s in a name? Feedback about our recent community research

You, the community members at ConsultaPanel are the reason we exist and our name represents all our wonderful individuals inclusively, so it is important to hear what you think of “our” name.

Here at ConsultaPanel – South Africa’s largest online panel research community we’ve enjoyed a lot of success and growth over the past year. Instead of steam-rolling forward, we decided to take a step back and get some perspective on what our community members (YOU GUYS!) thought of the brand through some direct questions.

We sent out a questionnaire to get some valuable insights from the research community.  Some of the things we wanted to find out was whether community members had an emotional connection with the brand, what they felt were desirable attributes of the brand, some insights about your existing perceptions of the research panel and what your ideal online research community would look like. These are some your insights we received:

Our community values

When asked what kind of things attract panel members to a community or a group of people in the real world, the following attributes were mentioned:

Other than rewarding you with incentives, we wanted to know what else a company needs to do to get you to participate in research activities and online surveys. Panel members felt that the research needed to be interesting, relevant, meaningful and useful. You also wanted to feel that your opinions would add value to the company that was conducting the research. As Panel members, you also wanted to receive feedback about the research you had participated in.

When asked which ConsultaPanel activities members participate in, just over 50% of you said you completed online surveys, while just under 40% said they read our newsletters and feedback mails. About 25% of respondents said they read articles on our website and just under 20% said they completed polls on our website.

We also received some great feedback about the positive associations that are linked to our name. Here are a few nice positive association mentions that we received about the brand name “ConsultaPanel”:

“It's nice and short and a strong word.”
“Exactly what the name implies, Consulting a panel of members”
“It is a very professional survey organisation. The organisation conducts useful surveys.“
“Sounds as if members (consumers) are consulted on things that are of interest to them -make me feel worthy”
“It provides for one's opinion to be consulted and this gives one a positive feeling to share ideas and opinions”
“Good quality surveys that are quick to do”
“Quick feedback”
“it makes me feel like a consultant for important people”
“I am always asked whether I would like to participate. It is not forced on me.”
“The "ConsultaPanel" name implies that the big brands are interested in the public's opinion of their brand or products

Our top ranked values

One of the things that really made us feel like we’re on the right track was the feedback we got about our values. The top ranked values, as voted by you, include knowledge, integrity, reliability and respect. When asked how panel members would describe their ideal online research community, respondents said that it needed to be relevant, informative, insightful, useful, scientific, educational and transparent. We were thrilled about these attributes because this is everything our brand stands for.  Respondents also said that the community needed to be different, interactive and interesting.

We also wanted to make sure that we were addressing you correctly, so we asked you what you would like to be called as a member. Some people said that simply being called a ‘member’ was good enough, while other people suggested we refer to you as a ‘contributor’, ‘panelist’ or ‘associate’, to name a few.  What we found interesting was the fact that when we asked you how important it was for you to be called a specific name, nearly 25% of respondents said it was pretty important (they gave an 8 or higher rating out of 10).

Thank you for your valuable feedback! We’re going to continue to reassess our offering in order to make sure that online panel research members like you feel valued, entertained and educated by the ground-breaking research initiatives that we’re proud to be a part of.


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