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by ConsultaPanel Team, 11 Mar 2013

About Social Media

Online Survey Results: What our panel members said about social media

ConsultaPanel recently conducted an online survey to find out more about how our panel members feel about social media. We wanted to know why you use it, what benefit you get from it, when you use it – among heaps of other questions and insights. Here’s what you had to say:

Your attitude towards social media

The majority of respondents said they use social media, but consider themselves a “beginner”; while a large group said that they consider themselves advanced users in the social media arena. A relatively high number of respondents said they don’t use social media at all (how do they remember birthdays without Facebook?!). Only a very small group said they consider themselves to be experts when it comes to social media.

How often are you using social media?

It’s no surprise that people visit different social media sites more frequently than others. Facebook was indicated as the most popular site a respondent would visit more than once a day; while the professional networking site (LinkedIn) was most often only visited once a week by respondents. Respondents also indicated that they use the microblogging platform, Twitter, more than once a day.

Respondents weren’t that into Livecasting sites (such as Stickam, etc) and online gaming (like Poker and FullTilt). A very small group of respondents indicated that they visited Livecasting sites and online gaming sites more than once a day. Likewise, a few respondents said they visited MySpace less than once a month, which keeps Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn firmly in the lead when it comes to popular social platforms.

What you enjoy about social media

The majority of respondents said they like being able to stay up to date on what’s happening in the lives of friends and family. Furthermore a large group said they find social media useful to find information such as photos of friends, company details, music groups etc and thirdly respondents said they like to use social media to share photos, videos and music. Only a few respondents use social media to play games.

When do you use social media

A staggering majority said they use social media any time of day when necessary, while the second most popular time to visit social media sites is in the evening after work. An even more staggering find is that only a handful of respondents said they visit social media sites during the morning while they’re at work.

These results may be influenced by how you access social media sites. The trend to use your smartphone to access social media sites is becoming more popular as the majority indicated this as their preferred method, while desktop computers is the second most used method.

Brands and advertising on social media

Most of the respondents said they have never purchased a product or service based on an advertisement they encountered on a social network. However, a large group of respondents said they were a member of a Fan Page.

ConsultaPanel loves finding out more about what makes our panel members tick. Obviously, we’re very into social media ourselves – follow us on the following platforms:


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